Oliver Heinemann

I am offering professional high-end architectural photography for builders, architects, manufacturers, advertising, publishers and editors. My goal is to promote and educate about an object with a technically sophisticated approach. I am generally working with hi-end medium format view cameras and digital backs. For other challenges, f.e. construction documentation, I also work with DSLRs and so called action cameras (goPro) to meet the demand of higher flexibility. Professional retouching and post-production is part of our service but will only be applied when necessary.

My goal is to create a clear and unobstructed view on modern architecture in its environment. My images should reflect the intention of an objects creator but also the impact on its surrounding. The mixture of documentation and representation, of precision and emotion is my way to achieve images that let the object I depict stay in the mind of the viewer.

Founding member of the BVAF.